The Professional Glass Balustrade system offers glass frames with cylindrical posts topped with a smooth railing for comfort. They are available in satin or mirror finish, and are ideal for internal and external decking, balcony or stairway applications 
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Complementary Handrails 
A variety of Handrail options are available across the range from matching Stainless Steel to powder coated coloured finish or Timber. As your Balustrade is bespoke to your project please discuss your specific design requirements, and we will suggest best practice in keeping with Building Regs and BS EN Regulations. 
Structural provision 
Systems are available to withstand line loads up to 1.5kN/m. Should a requirement for increased loading be required i.e. where overcrowding may be an issue then please discuss with our sales team. 
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Glass Infill 
Many glass styles are available, Toughened clear is most usual however options of Laminated, strengthening inter-layer, tinted, Coloured along with manifestation and glass etching are all available. 
With a tactile feel and high resistance to slip, however as the surface can be more sensitive to temperature ie cold to touch then Powder coated options may be more suitable for external applications. 
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